Tuesday, July 30, 2013

*NEW* INCREDIBLE Creative Victorian & Tami Miller Collab, BLUESTOCKING & TWO FREE with Purchase Kits!!

Trust me when I tell you that you are going to be Blown away by 1.) all the BEAUTY in this collab and 2.) the INCREDIBLE FREE with Purchasesincluded with the bundle! These are some Truly Generous ladies!! 

May I introduce to you Creative Victorian Designs and Tami Miller Designs' NEW AMAZING collab, BLUESTOCKING!!!

Why is it called Bluestocking? What is the significance of blue stockings?
A bluestocking is an educated, intellectual woman. Here is a little about the origin of the term:

The English term “bluestocking” meaning a literary woman evolved in the mid-to-late 1700s. Women of society were beginning to express their boredom with being sent off to do their embroidery, rather than being invited to engage in conversation with the men. One early bluestocking, a “Miss Carter” wrote:

“As if the two sexes had been in a state of war, the gentlemen ranged themselves on one side of the room, where they talked their own talk, and left us poor ladies to twirl our shuttles, and amuse each other, by conversing as we could. By what little I could overhear, our opposites were discoursing on the old English poets, and this subject did not seem so much beyond a female capacity but that we might have been indulged with a share of it.”

In about 1750, Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu (later called “the Queen of the Blues”) and her friends founded the first official bluestocking society in England. They invited learned men to gather informally with them to talk about books, literature, art and architecture, as well as places and events that interested them.

The story goes that this literary salon “enjoyed society in undress” — that is, in their more practical country clothing, most notably their blue worsted stockings. Hence, the term “bluestocking.”


The BLUESTOCKING Bundle contains the complete kit with 24 papers and 101 elements, both alphas, the clusters, and the stacks. As an added bonus, when you purchase the bundle, which is 25% OFF, you will get Tami's COUNTRY CHARM kit and Netta's WILD AT HEART kit, FREE! (downloads included with order.) This entire bundle is valued at $39 when you include the free kits!

Here are your FREE WITH PURCHASE kits that are included with the purchase of the BLUESTOCKING bundle.



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This is an AMAZING Value!!

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