Friday, January 4, 2013

Want a chance to win a FREE Mental Vacation? Who doesn't?

Hi everybody!

Were the holidays fun, but stressful?  Are you stressing out a bit from the daily reality of keeping your new year's resolutions?  Lol!  Are you like me and already fed up with winter and longing for spring?  Are you one of the lucky ones who are going through summer right now?  Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, then Tami's new collection, MENTAL VACATION, is for you!!!  This is one UBER-BEAUTIFUL collection!!!  Grab the collection pieces by 1-9-13 and get them for 20% Off or grab the whole collection and get 29% Off!!

Check out these FANTASTIC CT Layouts!!

Love the collection the way I do and wish you could get it for FREE?  Well, Tami is giving you a chance to win it!!!  Just check out Tami's Facebook page and comment on the appropriate post and she will pick one winner at noon on Monday, January 7th, 2013. 

Finally, don't forget these two other savings offers from Tami that are still going on!   Don't forget, use code TMD_gift12 until January 31, 2013!  :-D

And, Tami's Reward Card Program!  Please make certain to read the important Rules & Regulations.

rules and regulations:
1. Fill in the squares with order #'s and the initials of the store
you made the purchase from ex. GP/#54123/$5 or SBB/#7865/$10.
2. No rounding up. If you make an order for $9.99 it is only good for $5. The order must be for $10 or more to fill out the square for $10. It must be for $5 or more to fill in a square for $5. I hate to be picky, but this is for my own sanity!
3. No adding orders together. One order number per square. Ditto on the sanity thing!
4. Coupons do not count. You cannot make a $5 purchase with a coupon or gift certificate and earn rewards. Also, the amount after a 20% off coupon is the amount that counts towards your rewards.
5. Once you have your card filled out, send it to me at
tami.miller75@gmail and I will send you a coupon code for
the amount you earned in rewards.

Have FUN scrapping and don't forget to let us see your Gorgeous creations!! :-D  Bye for now!

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