Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oodles of DSD Specials & Freebies!! Don't Miss This Blog Post!!

Hi again!  I warn you, this post is going to be packed with wonderful specials and some Great Freebies!  Make certain to read all the way through!  :-)

First, let's start with Scrapbook-Bytes' new Mini Madness feature!   On Thursdays, SBB designers will have mini kits available FOR ONLY $2!!  The kits will be based on a famous artist's painting.  This week's minis are based on James C. Christensen, and his painting "Touching the Hem of God."

Tami's Mini Madness kit based on this painting is SO PRETTY!   It is called SANCTUM.  Important note:  Given its special pricing, coupons can not be used on this product.  

In addition to Sanctum's $2 special pricing, Tami is also offering for DSD two Buy-Her-Store Specials.  Important note:  Given their special pricing, coupons can not be used on these specials.  

While you are visiting Tami's store check out her new template set, Flower Fun Templates Vol 1, at the current SALE PRICE of ONLY $2.40, and her CU Designer Mix Sets.  

Want to get the template set for 20% less, even though it is on sale?  If you use COUPON CODE TMDLR12 you will get AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF.

Are you a long time Tami Miller fan and have a lot of her items already, so buying her store is not really a value for you?  Well, Tami hasn't forgotten about you.  She has a DSD Store-wide Sale just for you!!

And, here's the Great thing!  You can use also use the 20% OFF coupon above in conjunction with her 40% OFF Store-wide Sale!  How Great is that?!! :-D

Also, don't forget about Tami's Reward Card Program!  Please make certain to read the important Rules & Regulations.

rules and regulations:
1. Fill in the squares with order #'s and the initials of the store
you made the purchase from ex. GP/#54123/$5 or SBB/#7865/$10.

2. No rounding up. If you make an order for $9.99 it is only good for $5. The order must be for $10 or more to fill out the square for $10. It must be for $5 or more to fill in a square for $5. I hate to be picky, but this is for my own sanity!
3. No adding orders together. One order number per square. Ditto on the sanity thing!

4. Coupons do not count. You cannot make a $5 purchase with a coupon or gift certificate and earn rewards. Also, the amount after a 20% off coupon is the amount that counts towards your rewards.
5. Once you have your card filled out, send it to me at
tami.miller75@gmail and I will send you a coupon code for
the amount you earned in rewards.

That's not the end of it!  The Specials and Scrapping Fun get even better!  While you are over at Scrapbook-Bytes, check out all the Fantastic DSD Events & Specials going on!

If you make a $10 purchase during the DSD celebrations, look at the GREAT, Free Collaboration kit you will get!!

Finally, there is incredibly one more FREEBIE for you!!  Go over by Scrapbook-Bytes Facebook page and also sign up for their Newsletter in order to get this AMAZING Halloween Collaboration kit, TRICK OR TREAT for FREE.  Like their Facebook page to get the elements and sign up for their newsletter to get the papers.  

With all of these specials and freebies, I hope you all have a FUN weekend of scrapping!! :-D  :-D


  1. Lee you are so fantastic at writing these posts!
    If I didn't already own most of tami's store I'd be buying up......such fantastic sales!!!
    That Halloween freebie is fantastic.....thanks SBB!
    That free kit with purchase is very cool!
    Oh I'm off to check out those new templates!