Friday, August 17, 2012

Facebook Freebie, Future Freebie, Inner Strength, Rewind Friday & More

Hello everyone in Digiscrapland!

I hope everyone is enjoying this last month of summer!  Great days are happening now and I'm sure even better days are soon to come!  :-D  Today, there is so much to tell you about the going ons at Tami's.

First, let's start with the good news. Tami is now exclusive to Scrapbook-Bytes!!  It is one FANTASTIC scrapping site!!

Second, Tami's good news translates into GREAT savings and promotions for you!

#1.)  $1 KIT PIECES - 

From now until August 19th, you can get Tami's August Grab-A-Byte Inspirational offering INNER STRENGTH kit pieces for only $1 a piece.  It consists of an element pack, a paper pack, an alpha packs, a glam pack, and a definition brushes pack. 







#2.)  40% OFF STORE-WIDE SALE - 

Tami is continuing her 40% OFF STORE-WIDE SALE for an extra week!!  Hurry on over to SBB to stock up on all those kits of hers you have on your wish list! :-D

#3.)  20% OFF COUPON - 

If you use COUPON CODE TMDLR12 you will get AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF any purchase!!


Choose Your Own Rewards Card - Please make certain to read the important Rules & Regulations.

rules and regulations:
1. Fill in the squares with order #'s and the initials of the store
you made the purchase from ex. GP/#54123/$5 or SBB/#7865/$10.

2. No rounding up. If you make an order for $9.99 it is only good for $5. The order must be for $10 or more to fill out the square for $10. It must be for $5 or more to fill in a square for $5. I hate to be picky, but this is for my own sanity!
3. No adding orders together. One order number per square. Ditto on the sanity thing!

4. Coupons do not count. You cannot make a $5 purchase with a coupon or gift certificate and earn rewards. Also, the amount after a 20% off coupon is the amount that counts towards your rewards.
5. Once you have your card filled out, send it to me at
tami.miller75@gmail and I will send you a coupon code for
the amount you earned in rewards.

While you are over at Tami's Store, why don't you check out this week's Rewind Friday pick, the Ultra-Beautiful kit The Sunny Side.  


Tami is currently offering a Really Cute FaceBook Freebie.  Just like her page to be able to grab it! :-)  

Also, if you help us spread the word about how FANTABULOUS of a designer (and person!) Tami is and help her get to 2,000 likes, then she has something in store for you!  I wonder what it will be?!  ;-)

With all these deals, you should be scrapping away in no time!  Don't forget to let us see the Great layouts you make with Tami's products.  We Love to see them!  Happy Scrapping!! :-D

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